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Sunday, May 29, 2022


 Vaping is not for everyone! Vaping is kind of different than smoking cigarettes. Vaping does not have all the tar and fiber glass and everything else that the cigarettes does but it does have the nicotine and if you are freshly starting vape, I would start with a small amount of nicotine. I suggest anything 0.3mg and under until you figure out what your strength is since each one is different. 0.6mg is strong and it burns and chokes you and you will cough with every inhale making it hard to breathe.

Also another thing to watch out with vaping is sometimes you may end up vaping a CBD product if you are not careful and paying attention. 

If you are into Dry herbs such as weed, THC, CBD flowers then there are vapes out there for that. There are also concentrate vapes also for waxes which are nice. The ovens that I am familiar with are pax vapes and gernco which will be linked below. 

I highly recommend either or! 



K2/ Spicy

 If you do not know K2 (spice) is horrible for your body and can end up killing you! K2 is a synthetic cannabis and is not worth it. It is a synthetic spray that is man made with chemicals we don't even know what they use and is basically sprayed on plants like CBD or whatever else they decide and then put it in silver packets with the K2 labels or spice labels and it is horrible.

 It causes so much risk from the body from panic attacks, seizures, heart attacks, and strokes and causes so much more harm than anything else does. 

If you are trying to toke and get high just get delta 8, THCO, THCV, THCP or even the real thing marijuana. You can even use CBD in that case just do not risk yourself for something fake that will kill you. It kind of looks like weed but at the same time it does not look anything like it. Yes it may smell kind of similar but trust me it is not. 

If you are  trying to get high toke so much THCO that will def. do it. 

K2 is also a type of  calcium vitamin that your body uses for bones keep that kind of in mind. If you get to much of it you can overdose and its not a good thing. Also never buy gas station CBD, THC products since you do not know where they came from original and what is in them. Not everyone will put everything on their packaging like they are suppose to always try to go to a dispensary and buy online so that you will know. 

Anything laced is basically not good for the body no matter what it is. Don't use something that will harm you, don't use something that can potentially kill you, never use anything laced. 

Also if you are trying to see if  you have the real stuff? You can tell by the coloring of it and how it looks. It doesn't even look real and the coloring is really off to the point you can tell.

Monday, May 9, 2022

White Rhino THC0

 When you are thinking of White Rhino you are thinking of something huge and white. White Rhino is a beautiful strain that will knock you off your feet. It is a nice sleeper strain that once you toke it a few times you will go right to sleep with no problem. 

The White Rhino has a weedy and woody smell and taste. It helps you calm the stress down and the anxiety you have will dissipate just enough for you to go to sleep without any worry. I kind of was cautious with this strain since it was one I heard of but never tried and thought it would knock me out or just make me really, really high and was kind of fearful of it but I went out on a limb and I must say it was a really nice one. 

It took all my anxiety away and allowed me to sleep calmly though the night without waking up, having bad dreams or any of the such. I will definitely be toking this again because it's just such a beautiful strain and I highly recommend if you have issues sleeping from anxiety or anything you should toke this as it eases the worrying and the insomnia making it easier for you to sleep. I stopped toking for a while and I could tell the different and my body is not getting the rest it should be. 

It is almost like blue dream but not blue dream at the same time. It is just a perfect sleeper. 

I toked my with my pax. you can get a pax dryherb vape here

Sunday, May 1, 2022

UFO themed box


Go into space with this UFO subscription box! Fly around with your favorite strain and take an amazing trip with this UFO bong. The Aliens will be waiting for you on your trip so what are you waiting for?

Sometimes we have to escape reality so why not so it with this? It comes with 

Hemper UFO vortex bong

Hemper Quick hitters assorted flavors 

Quick hitters unflavored 

Keepers assorted two tone series

  • 14 mm Male Quartz High Airflow Male Banger
  • Hemper Tech Hempwick
  • Hemper 21ct Bullet Tips
  • 14mm Flower Bowl
  • Assorted Hemper Sticker

all for 39.99! GET IT HERE 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Daily High Club

 Looking for subscription boxes that are less than 39.99? Then check out Daily high club. They have all kinds of boxes, bongs, dab rigs, pipes, accessories and more. 

They have so much smoking gear and accessories no matter how you toke they have it. Check them out you will not be disappointed. 

They have boxes that reminds you of the 80s, Halloween, Breaking bad and so many more. There are to many for me to list you are just going to have to click the link at the bottom of this review and check them out. Are you needing to call home? 

Don't worry they have a cellphone bong that is just like the old bulky phones in the 80s-90s.  

Wanting a mystery box for bongs, shirts or pipes? Don't worry they got you covered on that also. You get those for a one time purchase and they are pretty neat since you will never know what you are going to get from them. This gets to add to your collection and you can show case what you got just incase it is to pretty to toke out of. 


4/15 - 4/22:-10% OFF Subscription Boxes (Coupon Code: 420BOX) 

4/18 - 4/24
-25% OFF Sitewide Excluding Subscription Boxes (Coupon Code: SMOKE)


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Hemper Co popcorn box


Turn everything around you into a movie, all while you are toking your favorite herb! This would be a fun trip all right in front of your eyes. Make it even more fun and flip on your favorite movie and enjoy your special treat. 

The bong even looks like a popcorn bowl so ground up your bowl and take a toke. 

Happy almost 420 my friends! But if you toke everyday it's 420 everyday. 

This months box will help do that for you!

 Get it here

Friday, April 1, 2022

Pax 3 vape review

Putting the Pax together is a bit of a challenge but worth it. When I went to put the mouth piece in automatically turns it on and it got hot within seconds. Holding the mouth piece cuts it off in which I did trying to finish putting the mouth piece in all the way. There is an Pax logo on the mouth piece that if you just press it, it vibrates and turns on and if you just hold it it again it will turn it off. Holding it for a longer time will end up putting it in blue-tooth pair mode and lets it connect to the app which is nice but at the beginning you have to cut your Bluetooth and location on so that it can be located and then you have to shake the Pax to pair it.  It has an RGB led light that is pretty neat and it cycles through all of the colors beautifully. It also will vibrate when it is heated to let you know when it is ready and it is ready within seconds so you do not have to wait for it to get hot when you are wanting to toke.

 The Pax is a nice way to smoke without those knowing as long as your strain has a smell that does not smell like weed like the Blue dream does but you can adjust the smell via the app and how the vape vapors your stuff. 
In a public place and don't wanna get caught smoking? Don't worry there is stealth mode that does not allow it to produce much smoke, smell and it even dims the Pax light so you can basically smoke wherever and whenever. Everyone knows if you use a bong you will get burnt pieces of whatever it is your toking but with the Pax you do not. Nothing burns since the oven extracts the chemicals and oils to the full spectrum which is nice but it can turn the weed to a dark color but its not burnt its just as baked as you are. With the Pax three it is Bluetooth compatible and you can download the app from the app store and connect it easily. You cannot take a deep draw off of it so do not worry it actually stops you so that you cannot get burnt.
If you ever loose it the app tells you the last location it was in and it will give you updates which is nice.

You can also adjust the oven temperature through the app so you do not get burned. The Pax 3 is not allowed to burn your insides hurt or make you cough when you toke like other things does. It basically comes with the basic accessories that you need which is nice. It even includes a cleaning kit, cleaning cloth, screens, scraper, charger, replacement O-ring, dry herb and concentrate trays. The trays are magnetic and just snaps onto it.
The concentration trays you put the dab in the middle on the dot and it melts and goes around the tray which is a really nice concept so that you can get the same amount of dab instead of nothing.

 The Pax is rechargeable with a magnetic USB charger and it is super light weight which is nice.
There are so many things you can do with the Pax it's amazing. 
I honestly love mine. It does not burn you when you inhale and exhale. It gives you the nice toke you are wanting without the burn of your organs, and throat and the stash all while setting it to whatever you are wanting and feeling best. Don't worry the highest this oven baked is 420. 

The only thing I actually do not like about it is the oven door. I don't like how if you touch it it can slide and feels wobbly like the magnets are not connecting properly. I fear that the grindings will fall out and get everywhere or I don't realize it and I end up sticking my pinky in it and burning it. 

Also I don't like how just recently I was using it and it did not have any smoke, and it cut itself off vibrated and then I had to cut it back on and it vibrated again and then I thought it was dead but it was fully charge and it vibrated to indicate that it was warm and oven was ready but it wasn't ready. I even checked the app and it nothing has changed.

(Ships to the USA, UK, EU, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Canada and other counties.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


 Smoke rolla is a smoke shop that has been around since 2009! It has all  all kinds of products and accessories to cover your smoking needs from bangers and nails to bongs, pipes, vapes, dabbing accessories, oil rigs, mini bongs, mini rigs, torches, joint holders, grinders, rolling trays, ashtrays, bowls, funnels, pipe parts, mug pipes, detox, fake pee, matches, odor eliminator, smell proof bags, stash jars, digital scales, wicks, lighters, vape bubblers, vape coils and atomizers, batteries chargers, pods, tanks and replacement parts! 

They have all kinds of wraps and smoking accessories to cover all of your needs. Check them out! They have affordable and reasonable priced bongs, pipes, dab rigs and more!  

You can get all kinds of deals on a lot of their product and even get free shipping on purchases of $50 and more using the code FREESHIPPING at check out! 

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